About us

We are a group of professionals who enjoy wines in all its forms and variety and want everybody to treat and enjoy wines as an art and share our core value, 100% Passion.

In this moment in time, where the market seems to be saturated with wines which tend to taste and look the same wherever they come from, we decided to use our passion to show authentic and traditional products highlighting their history and origins. Our goal is to forget about “international” and focus on “local”.


Open Markets - Export & Distribution

We research and study the current market’s opportunities to find the best matching partners in each geographical and social area, to maximise the exposure of the brand and benefit from the best economical return.

Brand Ambassador – Implementation service

We introduce and represent the brand on the market, with its values and ethos, and place it where the brand aspires to be by doing the “field work “. We share the knowledge within the industry by meeting key people, showcasing them the essence and core of the brand at its full potential in order to allocate the product where it should be.

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